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What I always loved about this music is that the music and its scene was always a tolerant place. As I'm sure most of us know the world and our society can be very intolerant to anything or anyone outside of their rules. This song is about our intolerance for intolerance. There is no tolerance for racists, sexists, homophobes or fascists in our scene. On a more personal level this song was inspired by my choice to be vegan. I can no longer be tolerant towards the torture that is inflicted on our fellow species that we share this planet with. I will use my voice, money and actions to stand against these things.

- Jesse Barnett


Push your world away. We're not the fucking same. Your poisons. Your prisons. You can't have us. Deliberate rejection of your shallow satisfactions. Polluted views rot and rust. You'll get no tolerance from us.  Your poisons. Your prisons. No truth. We've got no tolerance for you. Misguided hate and depthless love with no one left to take from. For your world of fictitious bliss, we've got no tolerance. Your poisons. Your prisons. No truth. We've got no tolerance for you. Your greed. Your constant god damn needs. Fuck you. We've got no tolerance for you. What the fuck did you expect in a world that is unjust? You can try and try, but you can't have us. 


"We weren't going to release this song until a later date but we decided that this would be a perfect time with what's happening right now in America that has everyone's attention. 

Let me first start off by saying I have been known to say a lot of harsh and disagreeable things about Police. A lot of what I say about them is emotional but none the less it's what I think. I come from a family of military people and I have family in the San Antonio Police Department, and yes I still mean the things I say. I have a firm distrust and dislike for anyone who takes a role of authority or superiority over another life. It has been proven historically, socially, and scientifically that people with such strong positions of power WILL abuse them. However, this does not mean I wish harm or death upon ANYONE. 

There is a problem in our country with how people in black and other communities of color are treated by law enforcement. As a white kid it is impossible for me to relate to this. Sure, I can spend all day imagining what it may be like, but the bottom line is I have not been met with even an ounce of the violence or hate that these communities have become accustomed to. I am a privileged individual and I won't be guilty of it anymore. I will recognize my privilege and I will use it to stand against these obvious injustices that take place everyday. 

This song is for Alton Sterling. This song is for Philando Castile. This song is for the individuals who were killed in Dallas. This song is for the 215 people who lost their lives in Baghdad on July 3rd. This song is for the people of Oaxaca, Mexico. This song is for the world who only communicates with violence and to those who only open their mouth when things get bloody. There is a better way and I am confident we will get there some day."

- Jesse Barnett


When violence is the only language this world comprehends, don't be surprised when it speaks in a way you can understand. Constant state of brutal aggression and total devastation. Relentless punishment warrants violent reactions and we're all just hanging on by a thread. 

I can't believe you will not see, the ones you've come to hate are just like you and me. You can't bury me in your disbelief. 

You give your fear a face and now you call it your enemy. It's all I see.

Such narrow understanding. Just use your fucking head. You can't see past yourself. You're just as good as dead. I want no part of your one sided perspective. I have no patience for your malicious intentions. 

War is all I fucking see.